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Winter dream garden room

Fotohinweis: ADLER

Granted, if there is a storm outside or it is snowing you perhaps won't give too much thought to spending time in your garden shed. Indeed it still looks great snugly wrapped up under a snow cover. Despite a weathered facade. And dark spots. 

But springtime is just around the corner! And when the sun shines once again, things look a whole lot different. So why not take the time now to think about how to lick the dilapidated shack back into shape? We have a nice suggestion for you – which allows us to dream of sunshine and flower fragrances on cold winter days:
ADLER-Partner Jens Reichel has renovated a garden shed for a customer in Mügeln, Saxony, Germany. "The owner was no longer satisfied with the old, dark and irregular coating," explains Reichel. Then the painter remembered a new product which he had come across at an ADLER seminar in Schwaz. "I recommended using the Lasur Pullex Platin transparent wood finish for the renovation to achieve a more modern look." By means of special pigmentation this wood protection paint creates particularly exciting, metallic shimmering colour effects. Just the right thing to help an old garden shed to shine once again. Together they decided on the colour shade "Karneolrot" (carnelian red), which admittedly appears less red than in an elegant greyish brown tone. "We sanded down the entire garden shed and the fence in front of it and then applied the new paint," tells Reichel. With complete success! "The customer was thrilled that we managed to change the wood in such a way using the product," says a delighted Reichel.

The garden shed and fence was his first project incorporating Pullex Platin from ADLER. But certainly not his last! 

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