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House for children


House for children Architekten von h4a disagree. They are convinced that an environment more suited to children is one which is calm and harmonious in colour, with deliberately chosen dashes of colour. They designed the "Haus für Kinder" (House for Children) in Munich in keeping with this principle. Instead of an excess of colour, the new building is dominated by bright wood on the inside and an elegant, silver-grey façade on the outside. After all, the children themselves are colourful! 

The "Haus für Kinder“ in Munich's Moosach district is where all the action is: there is space for 225 children to play, run riot and learn in two different facilities – from the very youngest to twelve-year-old day care visitors. Of course, such different inhabitants have different needs. The renowned architectural office h4a has reacted to this diversity with its design. There are separate entrances for the two facilities, and all the children are reunited in the grass-covered courtyard. Fresh green is the connecting element. It runs through the inner rooms in the form of the floor and is reflected in the aluminium slats that shield the windows from too much sunlight and curious glances.


The windows are a striking design element of the new building. They seem to intersect the façade in different places at random. This opens up exciting perspectives for the children – corresponding with their often unconventional viewing angle. Inside, the windows appear calm and harmonious thanks to their natural wood colour shade. The company Arlt Fensterbau coated them with  

ADLER Aquawood Dickschichtlasur in the colour shade London. The interior doors and all other spruce wood parts – the play bunks, wardrobes, pedestals, drawers and furniture fronts – also come in an elegant London look. Thanks to the silk-gloss, resistant and easy-care coating, their beauty cannot be diminished by children's sticky little hands.


The wooden façade was also meant to look permanently beautiful, quiet and uniform. The planners therefore anticipated the natural greying of the surface: the planed silver fir was coated with Pullex Silverwood from ADLER in the colour shade Silber. "The recipe was specially optimised for the planed surface," reveal the h4a architects. The different battens and the projections and recesses of the façade allow the paint to shimmer through the interplay of shadow and sun and give the building that certain something, which is reinforced by the irregular shape and the folded roof landscape. And the lush green radiates all around!

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