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Wood construction & Facades

Fantastic houses like from a fairy tale

No straight angles, no piece off the shelf: every "Casa Kaiensis" is unique.
Tree house, teahouse, henhouse: everything is possible for the Herford craftsman.
The lovingly designed details and bright colours give the houses their charm.

"Your house will only be built once," promises Kai Schaede. His "Casa Kaiensis", which means something like "Kai's house", is unique. Each of the fabulous summer houses is designed and built according to customer requirements. With great attention to detail – from the slanting chimney to the porthole windows. And in terms of colour: "We often apply a wet-on-wet technique, which is then wiped and scratched a lot. In the past, the colors often turned out unattractive, but since we started working with ADLER, this has completely disappeared," enthuses Schaede and also praises the "fantastic service with the special colours". "When a special shade comes to my mind, everything is set in motion until the colour is right, with several alternatives - and I am always amazed at how fast that happens," he says with obvious delight. "I do not know why, but ADLER colours are really easier to apply and the hall does not smell so much in the evening," says Schaede full of praise. The enthusiastic ADLER fan, Kai Schaede, works with Pullex Plus-Lasur outside and with ADLER VariColor inside.
And when he needs extra supplies, no problem: he has his workshop in the immediate vicinity of our service center in Herford (Germany). Praise be to small houses and the big neighborhood!

Fairytale wooden houses: Casa Kaiensis 

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