The Calander Coating Inert technology (CCI) can produce high-quality surface coatings combined with visual and haptic perfection.

CalandEr Coating Inert-Technology

In this industrial coating process for the board industry, UV coatings (Innolux TOPCOAT Inert) are applied using the rolling process. Subsequently, a film or tape smooths the still liquid paint surface. Curing takes place through the film by means of UV radiation in direct surface contact. In this way, completely oxygen-free (inert) conditions are created that significantly influence the quality of the curing process.

Boards of different carrier types (MDF, HDF, raw chipboard, veneer, paper, melamine resin, etc.) can be coated at significantly lower process costs. For instance, high-gloss surfaces can be achieved with much less effort than with conventional coating, since grinding effort, drying times and paint consumption can be significantly reduced.

The surfaces upgraded with inert technology are characterised by high scratch resistance and durability and are therefore particularly suitable for the special requirements of board manufacturers.


  • Perfect surface in high gloss and dull mattt
  • Extremely smooth surfaces due to high paint application
  • Significant reduction in grinding effort
  • High durability and scratch resistance

CCI is used in particular by board manufacturers who produce coated (decor) boards for kitchen and furniture fronts.


  • Hymmen GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau
  • Cefla s.c.

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