© Stefan Müller-Naumann, München
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Good views for everyone: living at the Munich Dantebad

© Stefan Müller-Naumann, München

The new residential building on Munich's Dantebad lies in its surroundings like a majestic ship in the harbour: over 100 metres long and five storeys high. The wooden building "floats" above the car park belonging to the bathroom as if it were on water. Thus, the area wasted on stationary cars is transformed into valuable, ecological living space.

Ecologically durable with wooden windows

"Living for all" is the name of Munich's project within whose framework the building on Dantebad was built. A nice place to live in a city with a chronic lack of housing – views for the students, apprentices and recognised asylum seekers who should obtain one of the 86 one-bedroom or 14 two-and-a-half bedroom apartments. What's more, the fact that all 100 apartments are fitted with high-quality wooden windows sweetens the view of the city.

This is not a matter of course in a building of the urban housing association GEWOFAG. "Plastic windows would have been standard in our client's buildings. However, we also wanted to think about the ecology in a wooden building as far as possible and therefore did not use environmentally harmful components and those which are difficult to recycle," says architect Tobias Pretscher of Florian Nagler Architekten, "even though there were initial concerns about potentially higher maintenance costs." But higher maintenance costs don't have to be the case! This is ensured by the environmentally friendly, water-based coating from ADLER, which protects the windows from all weather.

Good views, beautiful perspectives

Responsible for the ecologically valuable and technically perfect wooden windows is the wood and window construction company Huber & Sohn from Bachmehring. For department manager Martin Werner, weathering resistance was the utmost priority. He therefore turned to his surface partners at ADLER to find the best coating alternative. Together they opted for the standard three-layer construction with the intermediate coating Aquawood Intermedio for the eastern side of the building, where arcades protect the windows. By contrast, ADLER's strongest Bodyguard is in use for the western side, which is fully exposed to the weather: the two-component intermediate coating Aquawood Isogrip HighRes®. "Thanks to the sensational wet adhesion of this intermediate coating, there is no blistering or peeling and the window is permanently resistant to moisture and other atmospheric influences. That's why we recommend Aquawood Isogrip HighRes® for all heavily exposed surfaces," says Richard Mölk, ADLER's sales manager for the windows and timber construction sector. Martin Werner followed this recommendation and was thus able to put the ecological icing on the cake of this flagship project by the city of Munich.
The windows don't merely offer a good view, but rather a beautiful perspective thanks to the top coat in the RAL colour shade Mausgrau (mouse grey). "In terms of design we have kept the windows, like the other opening components, dark grey, so that the openings appear as large and calm as possible," explains Architect Pretscher. This building thus offers good perspectives and prospects, it also provides an insight into the future of sustainability.

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