C12 026/7 Milk / 1 kg

Article number:240001218111

Yield: 80-120 gm/m² per application

It is a specially adjusted, opaque pigmented single-component, solvent-based coat for obtaining crackle-finish surfaces.
Binding agent base: Cellulose acetate butyrate; ADLER Reißlack farbig (coloured crackle-finish) is free from aromatic solvents.

Basis of the system
    • Solvent based
Netto Gewicht in kg
  • 1

Hazard warnings
  • Attention!

    • EUH066
      Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking.
    • EUH211
      Warning! Hazardous respirable droplets may be formed when sprayed. Do not breathe spray or mist.
    • H226
      Flammable liquid and vapour
    • H319
      Causes serious eye irritation
    • H336
      May cause drowsiness or dizziness
Area of application
    • Indoor
    • Application in combination with ADLER Pigmopur in the desired colour shade, 24005 ff and colourless spray coats such as, for example, ADLER Pigmotop in the desired degree of gloss, 25363 ff for the complete inte-rior decoration.

  • With the addition of 10 % ADLER PUR-Härter (Hardener) 82019 the requirements of the requirements class 1-B according to ÖNORM A 1605-12 (Resistance to chemical impact) are met, and with the addi-tion of 20 % ADLER PUR-Härter (Hardener) 82019 the requirements of the rating category 1-B1 according to ÖNORM A 1605-12 are met.

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