We are committed to supporting and promoting young and talented individuals on their learning path. Thereby, we give them the opportunity to immerse themselves in current topics of practice. At the same time, we are given the opportunity to get to know potential employees of tomorrow. 



Holiday internship: Want to get a behind-the-scenes insight into Austria's leading wood paint manufacturer and earn money at the same time? This opportunity is given to young people as part of a holiday internship. 

Research internship: During your internship, you will actively and independently work on the very latest projects in our research and development or in application and surface technology. Targeted enrolment will help you to familiarise yourself quickly and safely with the various topic areas and further develop them together with our technical experts. In this way, you contribute your knowledge and skills enthusiastically and profit from the long-standing experience of our experts.

Degree theses

The daily ACTIONS are at the forefront at ADLER. For your Bachelor/Master's thesis, we provide you with a modern research environment, extensive experience and experts in the specialist area. In this context, you will work on a defined research topic. A selected care team will assist you throughout the entire process. 

Possibilities exist to write a practice-oriented degree thesis in many areas, whether in research and development, sales, human resources, logistics or IT - there are plenty of possibilities. Because the colourful world of ADLER is everything but monotonous!

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