The numerous paint technicians, technical consultants and development managers who started out with us as apprentices prove that you can make a career at ADLER with an apprenticeship. 



Does your heart beat for paints and varnishes? Does working in a state-of-the-art laboratory interest you? Are you fascinated by modern technology, do you like to experiment and find it exciting to work on new developments as part of a young team? Then you have come to the right place! You will enjoy wide-ranging possibilities with us, since the colourful world of ADLER is everything but monotonous!


The profession of laboratory technician is very diverse. Product development, testing technology, production preparation, application technology and customer consulting are important areas of your work. During your apprenticeship period (3.5 — 4 years) you will pass through different laboratories of our research and development departments as well as quality assurance, which you will become familiar with for 6 months in each case. In addition to the vocational school and the practical training in the departments, we support you through regular in-house training so that you can become our next paint expert.


The fields of activity of chemical process engineers range from manufacturing, process engineering, operational engineering, quality assurance, research and development to customer service. Typical tasks include the transfer of laboratory recipes into production, the quality control of finished products or the improvement of production processes. Mechanical flair and an interest in chemistry are two key prerequisites for this profession.

The high importance of apprenticeship training at ADLER is also emphasised by the title “Excellent Tyrolean Teaching Company 2011 to 2019," awarded by the Tyrolean state government.

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